July 21, 2022

In this modern age, you can easily purchase furniture online with a click. While ordering off the internet is convenient, there are certain risks associated with it. Because of this, many home and business owners still prefer to shop for their furniture in person at a store or showroom. To learn why viewing furniture in person is important and why you should consider this over online shopping, read on!

The Perfect Size

Sizing furniture online is never easy. While listings contain dimensions for you to reference, these aren’t always accurate, and it’s not uncommon for shoppers to measure incorrectly or mix up inches with feet, either. The best way to ensure your new furniture is the correct size is to view it in person, where you can see its actual size and compare it to other furniture.

Pictures Don’t Always Equal Reality

It’s crucial to remember that pictures don’t necessarily reflect reality. Sellers can stage or digitally manipulate photos to make furniture look larger or nicer than it really is. If you want to see what a piece of furniture genuinely looks like before you buy, go to see it in person.

The Importance of Viewing Furniture in Person


Trial Run

You can see furniture online, but you can’t feel it. And for many kinds of furniture, the way it feels is crucial—you don’t want a hard, uncomfortable chair or impossible-to-open drawers. When you shop in person, you can try furniture freely. Plop down on a sofa to see if it’s comfortable or peek inside the drawers of a console to check that there’s enough room to ensure it’s the right fit for you.

More Fun

A simple reason to view furniture in person is because it’s more fun. For furniture connoisseurs, visiting a showroom is a lot like visiting an amusement park. You’ll have a grand time admiring and trying out different pieces and getting personalized advice from the staff. The experience is a huge part of what makes in person viewing so great; you won’t get this kind of personalization and thrill from an online store.

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