July 14, 2022

Contemporary style is always in style. If you want to learn more about this timeless approach to interior design and how to use it, here’s what you need to know about the characteristics of contemporary interior design.

What’s Contemporary Design?

Many confuse modern and contemporary design, but they’re two distinctive styles. Modern design is inspired by elements from the mid-twentieth century, while contemporary design is all about the here and now. It’s a flexible style that doesn’t refer to any specific period in time; rather, it changes constantly to reflect the newest trends in interior design. To explain it simply, contemporary is just a fancy way to say, “here’s what’s popular now!”

Who Should Use It?

Anyone who wants to keep up with the times should use contemporary style in their homes or businesses. This style is meant to reflect what’s trendy at the time; as such, it appeals to almost anyone. Using contemporary elements will make your space feel current and novel. Having a contemporary style space is a lot like having the newest iPhone; it’s cool, it’s fashionable, and you won’t be able to stop marveling at it!

The Characteristics of Contemporary Interior Design


The Key Elements of Contemporary Design

Because contemporary style is ever-changing, so too are the features that are characteristic of it. That said, if you want this year’s version of contemporary, weave these key elements of contemporary interior design into your property:

Clean Lines

Clean lines are crucial features of today’s contemporary furniture. By cutting down on fluff and keeping it simple, clean lines give pieces an airy, comfortable, and minimalist feel. Avoid furniture that’s overly ornamented with patterns, studs, or frills.

Blended Materials

In today’s contemporary homes, you’ll find furniture made from a mix of natural materials like wood and leather. This mash-up of materials gives contemporary spaces depth and texture, making them feel interactive and three dimensional rather than boring and flat.

Neutral Colors

Right now, neutrals like white, gray, taupe, and black are all the rage. That doesn’t mean you can’t use color in a contemporary space—it just means that color behaves as a supporting actor rather than taking center stage. Splashes of color will complement the neutrals and create a space that pops.


Clutter is a no-no—contemporary design favors open, clean, and easily navigable spaces. Knock down some walls, crack down on clutter, space furniture wisely, and open the curtains for a room that feels cozy, breezy, and bright.

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