August 24, 2022

Contemporary. Modern. While they’re commonly conflated, these two popular styles aren’t one and the same. Read on to discover the difference between contemporary and modern styles and expand your knowledge of interior design.

What’s Contemporary Style?

Contemporary style is a fluid style that focuses on the latest trends. It’s not a set style; rather, it adapts to the current times. Because contemporary style is so fluid, it’s hard to define! For 2022, its core features are:

  • Crisp lines
  • Blended textures
  • Mix of colors and patterns
  • Mix of manmade elements and natural elements
  • Open plan
  • Minimalism


What’s Modern Style?

Modern style is inspired by the early to mid-twentieth century Modernist trend. Its central themes include accessibility, function, and form; essentially, it favors pieces that look good and are practical. The key elements of modern style include using natural materials like wood and leather, earthy palettes, and sleek, clean, minimalist shapes.

Contemporary vs. Modern Interior Design Explained


Which To Use?

Now that you understand the difference between contemporary and modern styles, you may wonder which to use in your interior. If you want a welcoming and cozy vibe, modern style may be more up your alley. With its warm color palettes and use of natural materials, it gives off a homey feel. If you’d prefer a cleaner, sleeker, more eccentric look that’s up to date with the latest trends, contemporary may fit your style. While more sterile and starker than modern style, contemporary style is also cool and futuristic.

So, which to choose? Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preferences. Both styles have their pros and cons. Weigh them and see which of the two is more appealing.

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