For a family of classical musicians, artfully balanced interiors form the perfect stage for daily living.

Everything works in concert in the living room, which features a profusion of furnishings in a surprising variety of colors and textures.

Designing rooms is like composing music: Just as musical notes blend to make a melody, so the various objects in a room, combined with colors and textures, space and light, come together to create an aesthetic environment. The effect can be harmonious—or discordant. As with a sonata, one false decorative note in a room can spoil the whole composition.

Perhaps with this in mind, a family of classical musicians selected designers Denise and Missy Rinfret, known for their serene interiors, to transform a home in Manhasset, New York. The Rinfrets use Safavieh as a one-stop shop for furniture, rugs, lighting and accessories, which makes it easy to achieve a seamless look. For this project, Safavieh’s nearby Manhasset store was the one-stop source.

The finished home, shown on these pages, speaks for itself. Each room tells its own tonal story and also relates to the rooms nearby. In the dining room, pictured at left, watery grays and duck’s egg blue provide a soothing cocoon for intimate meals. Elegant Chinese vases depicted in the wallpaper echo the actual Chinese vases placed on the table. In the breakfast area, seen at right, white wheel-back chairs are arrayed around a table set in blue-and-white porcelain and cobalt glassware, providing the feel of Coastal New England. A hedge of lush green privet in the backyard is the perfect backdrop to the blue-and-white scheme.

In the living room, seen on the previous spread, blues and greens float on a foundation of gray and taupe. This calming palette is punched up by accents of crystal, silver and gold, including a pair of double ray gilt-wood sunburst mirrors. As in the dining room, the greek key motif mingles with Asian patterns and porcelain. This is a richly detailed room, yet it’s not the least bit overbearing. Nothing looks out of place, and, like beautiful music, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In the dining room, grays and blues produce an atmosphere of calm.

In the breakfast area, painted wheel-back chairs and cheery blue-and-white tableware give the feel of Coastal New England.