Comfort, elegance and treasured memories: the perfect design recipe for an up-to-date, family-friendly home.

Colors inspired by the ocean make homeowners Christine and Tim—who both grew up near the beach—feel at home. After their youngest child went off to college, they renovated to create comfortable, elegant and welcoming living spaces that reflect them as a couple.

Mirrored and metallic surfaces reflect the abundant natural light and add a little sparkle throughout the renovated spaces. The display cabinet, seen in the photo above, houses Lladró ceramic figurines, which Christine has been collecting for more than 28 years. “From the time we were engaged to when the children were born and through today, every piece has a wonderful story attached,” she says.

As new members of the empty-nest club, a Nassau County couple wanted to create their dream home, but still ensure that it remained a welcoming space for their two children, now in college, who return for weekends and summers. That meant opening up the interior space, increasing natural light and updating the décor.

The homeowners, Christine and Tim, reached out to Safavieh. “The designer we worked with, Karin Krinsky, really listened,” says Christine. “Everything that we said we needed, every last detail, she made sure we got. She never tried to push her own agenda—her focus was always on what we wanted.”

One example: The couple wished for comfortable sofas they could relax on in the evenings, whether to read, watch television or chat about their days. “Karin helped us find sofas that are not only comfortable, but beautiful, too,” says Christine. “And despite their light color, those sofas stand up to lots of use, including our miniature schnauzer.”

Because of its central location for Christine and Tim’s large, close-knit extended family, the home serves as a gathering place. “We spend a lot of time all of us here together,” says Christine, “including Sunday dinners and celebrations like birthdays. Our dining room is usually full of people, love, laughter and lots of Italian food.”

In short, having the redesign be family-friendly was a priority. Everything had to be comfortable and

In the foyer,the rug is by Ralph Lauren.

As wine enthusiasts, Christine and Tim enjoy having a space dedicated to conversation and to tasting wines from their extensive collection.

The dining room hosts many lively family gatherings. Its centerpiece is a dining set that has been in the family for many years. To blend seamlessly with the new décor, the tabletop was refinished and the seats recovered. The lacquer artwork, a family heirloom, is from Japan. The rugs in both rooms are by Ralph Lauren.

able to stand up to daily use. “To make sure everyone feels at home,” says Christine, “I wanted to incorporate some family heirlooms—things that would be familiar to all of us—into the new design. Karin helped me go through what we had, and she incorporated what we wanted to re-use into her plan.”

A treasured photograph from her parents’ home—two Adirondack chairs facing the ocean—sits atop a display cabinet in the family room. “Karin thought it would look great there. She researched the photographer and was able to get a beach photo by the same artist that’s now displayed near the first. My Dad is so happy to see their photo in our family room.”

It was easy for Christine and Tim, high-school sweethearts who both grew up around the beach, to choose a palette: soft, neutral colors accented by shades of blue. “I love the ocean and the outdoors, but I also like a little glitz and sparkle,” says Christine. “Karin added subtle touches to give me that, like crystal drop beads on the window shades, and the wallpaper in the dining room. If you look closely at the flowers on it, they have a little shimmer.” The design also incorporates mirrors and metallic surfaces, including brushed nickel and brass, through all the rooms.

“We’re completely happy with our redesign,” says Christine. “To the point that one day last winter, I just had to pick up the phone to thank Karin. I told her, ‘You’ve brought me so much peace in this home. I feel so happy in every room.’”