June 12, 2022

With each passing year, humanity’s preferences and needs shift, and this shift leads to a rise in new priorities and trends. If you’re a homeowner or business owner that wants to know what the new year brings for the interior design world, come discover 2022’s anticipated interior design trends with Safavieh. From cheery hues to sleek, modern touches, these are the styles and design elements to prioritize this year.

Bold, Colorful, and Original

Fun colors, elaborate, textured prints, and masterfully made custom pieces bring personality and optimism into rooms. Lately, home and business owners have been opting for personalized upholstery, fine rugs, and one-of-a-kind, artisanal furniture and décor. Cookie-cutter interiors are going out of style, and rooms brimming with character and charm are the new norm.

Furniture seekers looking for originality will love pieces from manufacturers like Baker Furniture. Baker Furniture prioritizes creativity and inventiveness and frequently collaborates with guest designers to create furniture that will make your space stand out.

Modern and High-Tech

Sleek, stylish, and multifunctional interiors are all the rage. Modern materials like glass, metal, and weathered wood imbue a space with a contemporary, open, and airy feel. Meanwhile, sophisticated tech and modular furniture like convertible desks and multifunctional cabinets from BDI make living, working, and playing easier than it’s ever been.

Interior Design Trends To Expect in 2022



Another interior design trend rearing its head in 2022 is minimalism, the celebration of “less is more.” This concept is focused on sustainability and practicality more than looks, leading home and business owners to less and shop more mindfully. Minimalist interiors focus on making the most of what one has and reducing clutter to promote functionality in an area and a positive mental headspace.

Natural and Sustainable

With outdoor activity limited in recent years, folks have been searching for ways to bring the fresh air and beautiful scenery they crave indoors. Sustainably made, natural furniture like rustic wood and wicker pieces invite Mother Nature into your interior, while botanical décor and indoor plants tie the look together.

At Safavieh, we aim to connect clients with functional, aesthetically pleasing furniture and décor that will add a touch of class and luxury to their homes or businesses. Visit one of our showrooms on the east coast to explore curated collections from renowned artisan furniture manufacturers like BDI and Baker Furniture. Our team will run you through the latest trends and help you select pieces that will make your interiors stand out among the crowd. Find us on Instagram for more!