January 31, 2023

The transition of your journey into adulthood can be marked by several defining moments, moments like –
– moving out of your parent’s home
– accepting your first job offer
– getting your first car
– proposing to your girlfriend
– or even hosting your first dinner in your new home

During your late 20s or early 30s, the need to level up from chips to appetizers and from red plastic cups to wine glasses is another significant milestone. If you want to make a great impression and host parties like a pro, ensuring you possess a few essentials in your dining room and the kitchen is necessary.

A dinner party can be the starting point for a beautiful and memorable evening. While elegance is necessary, a dinner party is an intimate and relaxed occasion rather than a stiffly formal one, so the furniture and decor should contribute to that atmosphere. A host of elements make up a party-ready dining table, from linens to dishware, from candles to glasses. Color schemes, combinations of materials, and centerpieces also contribute to the overall effect. Remember, your dining area is a significant spot where you will have all your large get-togethers, family dinners, and lunches and celebrate other momentous occasions.

You can create a dreamy setting in your dining room by buying furniture from renowned brands like Baker Furniture or Vanguard Furniture or by visiting one of Safavieh’s many furniture stores in Manhattan. We have gathered some of the choicest furniture and décor pieces to ensure you can easily find the perfect elements for the ideal setup you desire for all your special dinner parties and dates. Our range include –

1. A dining table

Eating food off your coffee table is fine when it is just you and your closest companions. However, once you start engaging with new people, you will need a proper dining table and comfortable chairs that match. While your dining set does not need to be exquisite, you should have a stylish table and at least four chairs to host a low-key dinner.

2. Matching dinnerware

You can devote hours to cooking the best meal and ensuring everything tastes right. However, if you are going to plate your masterwork on incompatible ceramic dishes of different sizes and serve espresso in mugs, your efforts may go in vain. You will do your meals and yourself a big favor by choosing matching dinnerware and glassware that complements your dining room décor and reflect your personality.

3. A serving cart

If you have the space, a surefire way to serve with flair and impress your guests is by rolling in the drinks and food on a serving cart. Besides being practical when you are hosting, you can also use it as a storage unit anytime.

4. Storage for Your Dining

Well, you bought all the items to make your meals, serve them, and ensure that they look delectable, but where will you stow them away when they are not in use? Incorporate adequate storage space for crockery and other display items into the design of your dining room. Focus on functionality while picking storage units for the dining room. Make selecting the perfect storage easy by asking yourself a few questions, like –

a. Do you want a food place?
b. Do you want to display any items in your dining area?
c. Do you need to store any crockery in the dining area?
d. What type of storage would best fulfill your needs?
Think about all these aspects while deciding the dimensions of the storage units for your dining area.

5. Make Your Dining More Attractive

Choosing the perfect accessories for your dining space is like adding the cherry on the cake. They can make or break the aesthetic. Adorning the area with various elements and items of personal interest will lend extra charm to your space. You can decorate the dining room by adding stuff, like –

a. A beautiful centerpiece on the dining table
b. A few well-placed candles (scented or non-scented)
c. A charming vase on the table or in a corner
d. Hanging lights strategically positioned above the table
e. Artwork or sculptures in the corners of the room
f. A beautiful painting on the wall

6. Warm the place with the perfect lighting

The dining table is the eye candy of any dining room because it is the focal point in this room. Whether you are eating or playing games, highlighting the table helps to retain the attention of those sitting around it. Diverse options to light up your dining room and create that perfect mood are available in the market. You can consider lighting up your dining room with –

a. A chic chandelier that hangs majestically above the dining table
b. Sleek modern pendants on the kitchen island or bar counter
c. A statement piece like a regal floor lamp
d. Accent lighting to highlight key art pieces in the room

When researching dining room design ideas, keep in mind that the kind of dining furniture you choose and the design you select can transform the space into a lively, warm, hospitable, fun, and delightful place! You may not need anything extraordinary or expensive, but the key to getting it right is sourcing your furniture and décor accessories from well-known and reliable brands and furniture stores.

That is where visiting stores like Safavieh Home Furnishing is important. You can find all sorts of dining room accessories, tables, storage pieces, and many more décor accessories at any of our stores and showrooms in the NY tristate area. The newest contemporary-classic designs, all in the latest styles, high-touch materials, and fashion-forward colors, are available to suit all your dining space needs. Make your guests feel welcome and make every meal even more special with our range of dining room furniture.