January 16, 2023

Everyone dreams of living in an esthetically pleasing home furnished with décor that lasts a lifetime and cozy spaces. While some homeowners have the time, patience, skills, and expertise to build their homes by themselves, others may need support to help bring their dreams to fruition. A remodeling contractor manages the renovation of a house and works to see the job completed successfully to create a home.

It makes complete sense for homeowners and contractors to share a trusting relationship. After all, we choose to let contractors into our homes and pay a great deal of money for their work. They become crucial to constructing the home of our dreams.


While contractors pour blood, sweat, and tears into the project, most homeowners still complain and may interfere unnecessarily. Sometimes homeowners fail to realize that the contractor they hire wants things to go smoothly just as much as they do. Luckily, our big Winter Sale will help you and your contractor pick the best home décor items for your living room, Bernhardt dining chairs for the perfect dining room, or the sturdiest desk from Caracole Furniture.


Here are six things your contractor wishes you knew about home décor and remodeling before, during, and after your project.

1. Old May Not Always Be Gold

Old home décor pieces are usually flimsy and do not have enough solidity to be used again. Contractors largely frown when you insist on using aged materials because these may be a good fix and money-saving alternative but fail after some time and cause problems. Contractors do not want you coming back to them with complaints about their work when it is not their fault.

2. Be Decisive

Change is the only constant. However, it can get frustrating if, as a client, you keep changing what you wish for at every step of the renovation. As long as you are clear about the kind of space you desire and share the entire idea with the contractor, you should not have a problem. However, if you are not, they do not want to waste their time and yours by redoing the work. Delivering detailed and exact information before they start their work is ideal. So, be decisive before you meet a contractor or keep the room for changes to a bare minimum.

3. Budget It

It is necessary to know what you can afford before beginning any project. This would include understanding the budget for materials and the hourly or fixed labor cost. The contractor will only charge you outside the approved scope of work if there is an unexpected expense, such as a change in regulation that would cause an increase in costs. If you need to buy a fancy mirror in front of your bathtub or luxury bar stools for your guests to sit down on at a party, your contractor should know to what extent they can go while purchasing these home décor items. Being specific about your requirements at the beginning and setting clear upper limits will help you sort out half of your future challenges.

4. Trust Their Squad

You may know some great people at a favorite furnishing store or a team that worked with another contractor. However, be open to the idea that the remodeling contractor you hire would prefer to work with people with whom they are familiar or with their contacts in the industry. Every contractor will have relationships and connections based on their projects and experiences and would prefer to maintain years of friendships instead of losing them because of one project. All you have to do is trust and support the team they bring with them.

5. Give Them Space

While redecorating your house, your remodeling contractor will know it is your house and will not tell you to vacate unnecessarily. However, at times, they will err on the side of caution to ensure everyone’s safety and to prevent you from entering a section of the work site where accidents are possible. There might be many alterations in moving the furniture, making extra room for the closet, etc., which may cause inconvenience. Thus, moving into a temporary apartment would be a wise decision. Moreover, if the contractor gets space to work freely without pressure or interference, they can achieve better results.

6. They Follow the Law Book

Extra room on the balcony may not cause any harm, or a few more meters off the porch may appear better. Sometimes clients can be impractical and are okay with breaking the law while remodeling their houses. Even though client satisfaction is very vital to the reputation of the remodeling contractors, they will not violate any rules and regulations for it. It would help if you were more understanding of your requirements and abide by the local and federal laws to avoid legal issues later.

All you can do is be there for your contractor and work together with them as a team. Mutual agreement and faith are essential while remodeling your home or choosing décor. Safavieh Home is the leading retailer of high-quality home furnishings and accessories in the tri-state-areas of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our showrooms have an exquisite collection of home furnishings from which you and your contractor can choose.

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