Where can I buy Safavieh products?
Buy Now – Safavieh.com.

Safavieh.com is a quick & easy source for purchasing Safavieh rugs, furniture, lighting, home accessories, and Solea kitchen and bath fixtures. Simply browse our site using the product category menus or the Search function to find the piece(s) you interested in reviewing and purchasing. If this product is In Stock, you will see a bright red Buy Now

If you don’t see a Buy Now button on a product page, search for the product online or direct from the websites of our Safavieh retail partners.

Safavieh fine rug and home furnishing as well as other select home furnishing brands are also available at Safavieh retail showroom locations

How do I exchange a Safavieh product?

Safavieh Returns

At Safavieh we stand behind all of products, but from time to time some situations are beyond our control and yours. Here are guidelines for returning our product:

  • For all online purchases made through an online vendor / retailer please
    contact the specific vendor / retailer to have them issue a return.

When ordering a Safavieh product online through an online retailer all refunds, exchanges, returns, discounts and cancellations need to be made directly with the retailer. We do not provide extended warranties for our products. Returns and exchanges are made based on the policy of the retailer where our product was purchased We recommend that you contact the retailer of purchase directly for more information. If you’re unsure about where you have purchased from, please contact our team here.

Some items may be final. Check with the retailer on the specific terms of such purchases.

30 Day Return on products purchased directly from a Safavieh store location or on Safavieh.com using a Safavieh Dealer Account:

  • For all Safavieh in-store purchases please contact the Safavieh Retail Store – here or Contact Customer Service here
  • For Dealer / Designer returns please check our Return Policy in Dealer and Designer FAQ’s.