October 10, 2022

Most furniture is built durably so you can use it for years. However, various circumstances can result in your furniture becoming outdated long before its usable life is up. Below, we’ll go over five signs your home’s furniture needs an upgrade—stat!

You Need More Room

Has your family grown as of late? Maybe you moved in with a partner, welcomed a new child, or adopted a furry friend. As your family grows, the size and amount of furniture you need grows in kind! You’ll need another spot on the couch, another dining chair, and some extra storage for your new family member and all their stuff.

5 Signs Your Home's Furniture Needs an Upgrade


Your Needs Have Changed

A growing family isn’t the only life change that calls for a furniture rehaul. What if you’re retiring and want to downsize or moving to a new home and need extra furniture to fill it? What if you’re switching careers and need to remodel your home office? These are all situations where you may need new furniture to accommodate your lifestyle.

Your Furniture Is Old-Fashioned

Another sign your home’s furniture needs an upgrade is if it looks old-fashioned. Interior design trends change all the time. If your furniture looks embarrassingly out-of-date according to recent standards, you may want to modify it to look more contemporary.

5 Signs Your Home's Furniture Needs an Upgrade


You’re Tired of the Current Look

As we grow older, our personalities and preferences tend to shift. If your home’s current look no longer matches your preferred aesthetic, it’s a sign your home’s furniture needs an upgrade. You should love your home and all the pieces in it, after all!

Your Furniture Is Stiff or Damaged

Are your current pieces old and worse for wear? Are they cheap pieces made from materials that are far from cozy? If your furniture feels bad or is unsafe to use, it’s time for a change. Your furniture shouldn’t leave you with stiff, sore muscles, and it definitely shouldn’t be a safety hazard.

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